Most students spend more than 1,000 hours with us. In addition to preparing them for entrance exams, we also focus on inculcating healthy values and good learning behavior among our students:

  • →   Students are taught to take responsibility for their own learning
  • →   A focus on group study
  • →   Debate and discussion-based learning methodology
  • →   Humility, respect and discipline form the core of our classroom culture

The implementation of our methodology of teaching does not use the conventional figure of the teacher: it is based on having social workers who focus their duties on being advisers and facilitators for the students in their charge. The students enter a peer-to-peer learning system that is combined with mentoring.

Our social workers have strong community and social skills, maintain discipline and guide the students in the learning process, as well as giving the students individual advice. They play an essential role in ensuring that the students are active and motivated. If they note that a student needs guidance and academic support, they send that student to a mentor.


Name: Shwetha S

Class: XII in JNV CKM

Background: I am studying in class XII in JNV CKM and I am from Rural background. The problem that I have faced is, by hearing the lessons in the class we used to imagine concepts but were not having clear idea of the concept. But Avanti Videos provided the correct picture of concepts with good explanations. Before Avanti, we did not know any short cuts or easy tips to solve problems. But Avanti gave us many hints and tips to solve problems which we used in class test also.

Progress: I was scoring less marks in class tests. But now I have improved and able to score well in all tests. Peer learning made us very attentive and active in class. It helps us to enhance our sense of understanding. I learnt to manage time in exams and also to solve numericals.

Name: Yashwant S. P


AIM: IIT-BOMBAY, Mechanical Engineering

Background: Belongs to middle class low income family. He is the only student to complete class X in from his village. He used to be an average student, shy to ask doubts.

Progress: As a result of his consistent hard work, he is currently one of the top scorers in all the mock JEE tests. He is accumulating knowledge and skill swiftly. He really looks forward to crack JEE Advanced and join IIT-Bombay.

NAME: Vijay Umar


AIM: IIT-KHARGPUR, Mechanical Engineering

BACKGOUND: A humble student taken care by his grandfather. Belongs to a middle-class low income family. Initially he struggled in academics as his English and aptitude was poor.

PROGRESS: Due to the intervention of Avanti fellows he has developed confidence and sufficient academic skills. He is one of the consistent toppers in the test conducted. He is working hard round the clock.

Name: Rahul Prabhu

Class: XII JNV, Shimoga

Problems faced: Lack of interest in study even though grasping power was good

Type of intervention: Motivated personally by appreciating his ability of quick grasping, to do in-class- exercise and also made him to solve different question bank downloaded from different websites to prove him his ability and to improve his confidence. Showed him the students life inside the IIT campus and empowered him with the opportunities he would be having once he gets into to IIT through several videos. Outcome: Though he got some average marks in the initial time of 11 th class, he topped the classes in last major test conducted with the score of 179/360 (Major test 3) and he is confident enough now that he will crack JEE mains Next year. Likely impact of the efforts on peer: His change in performance from an average student to a topper impacted his close friend (4 of them), who also started working hard to give their best and they are also got qualified in the chapter test which followed.

Name: Pramod

Family background: Poor family

Problem: In the initial days, he didn’t believe that he would become a potential student for JEE mains exam. While solving in-class- exercise and homework questions, he faced some problem because some videos don’t teach in detail about the concept and because of this sometimes he would get less marks in chapter tests.

Outcome: Avanti teachers helped him in understanding. He also faced problem during solving in-class exercise but Avanti teachers’ support helped him in solving doubt in better way. Additional effort provided by Avanti teachers helped a lot to understand the concepts. With the support of Avanti teachers, he gained more confidents and got qualified in all the Major test so far conducted and he is confident that he would perform well in the JEE Mains exam as well. While discussion among peers, he developed the capacity of discussing openly. He got courage to ask doubts from teachers. Now he can freely discuss with the teachers about the concept in which he didn’t have much clarity and is now motivating friends to open up their doubt in the class.