Our Pedagogy focuses on learning to be a product of social engineering and not just a transfer of information between the teacher and the student. Also, making students self-reliant learners. Avanti has devised a teaching approach that we believe is best designed to maximize academic gains. Our classes focus on ‘Peer Learning’ as an educational technique. This has been extensively researched by our advisor Professor Dr. Eric Mazur, Dean of Applied Physics at Harvard University. In addition to this, we run the flipped classroom model, which requires students to do most of the work they would typically do in class at home and vice-versa.

At Avanti, a unique pedagogy is implemented called Peer Instruction ®.This pedagogy reduces teacher dependence and enables collaborative learning amongst students. Over the past 7 years, we have shown that our students outperform the most expensive after-school programs in the country at less than one-fourth the cost. Till date we have been able to send 102 students in top 100 engineering colleges of the country.

Today, Avanti has over 50 full-time employees & 100 volunteers, and supports over 2400 students in 16 locations across 3 government school systems spread over 5 states – Corporation of Chennai, Navodaya Vidyalayas and Haryana Government Schools.

The problem of educational inequality and disparity is what got our founders together to take the first steps towards fighting this injustice. We truly believe that by giving determined students the tools and guidance to move forward, they can acquire their seats in the most prestigious institutions of the country.


  • arraoConcept Videos: Students watch videos recorded by experts. Avanti is able to provide standardized high-quality education to a wider audience.
  • arraoGroup Discussions: Students are encouraged to discuss their rationale with peers, making them independent thinkers and team workers.
  • arraoCounseling: Students are given constant feedback and individualized attention, which build up their confidence and helps them learn better.


  • arraoPre-reading: Students are required to read over concepts at home from the best selection of resources available handpicked by IIT and Harvard alumni.
  • arraoSpot tests: Students have a quick 5 min test where what they studied as preparation for class is recapped so that the facilitator is able to ascertain how much the student has understood from the pre-class work.
  • arraoConcept videos: Students are shown videos that explain key concepts from every topic; these videos are recorded by subject experts.
  • arrao Concept Tests: Concept Tests comprise of questions that test how well students have understood the concepts explained in the videos.
  • arraoHomework: Students are required to do some amount of self-work at home.
  • arraoDoubt Solving Classes: For approximately 3-4 hours a week, subject experts conduct one-on-one sessions with the students where they resolve doubts that students have on topics covered in the week.

Apart from all of this, Avanti has also started bridge curriculum, which aims to level the gap in literacy and numeracy for their Chennai program. These consist of a set of exhaustive, comprehensive workbook modules in Tamil that reduces the literacy gap in a child, step-by-step.

These workbook modules have two sections, namely Mathematics and Language. The former is further divided into four sections – Geometry, Numbers and Operations, Algebraic and Operational Thinking and Measurement and Data. In the long term, students who are at grade level are exposed to grade level science and math.


Avanti provides detailed curriculum created by experts (graduates from IITs and top engg colleges) preparation in the form of:

  • arraoPrinted workbooks containing exercises for classwork and homework
  • arraoAccess to over Video lessons with topic wise lesson plans for both teachers and students
  • arraoWeekly Objective tests and summative objective tests with detailed reports and analytics on student performance
  • arraoEach session has a pre-planned and structured lesson plan that includes videos, in-class tests, worksheets and activities.
  • arraoEach session has been validated in Avanti’s >100 centres across India and has been shown to deliver the best outcomes in secondary school science and math learning across the country.

Academic and Counselling Support and Teacher Training

Avanti also provides academic experts who will:

  • arraoResolve student and teacher doubts online Conduct focused revision sessions for students every month

Teacher Training

Avanti ensures onboarding and provides the necessary initial as well as ongoing training for teachers on:

  • arraoImproving their academic competence in their subject through mentorship from expert subject trainers and continuous assessment 5
  • arraoPreparing for and running a standard Avanti classroom through classroom visits (fortnightly for the first year and monthly thereafter)