Each Avanti Fellow is paired with a current undergraduate student who acts as his/her Avanti Mentor.
Our mentoring process involves:

  • weekly conversations and meetings
  • extensive academic monitoring
  • goal setting and counselling
  • tutoring and doubt solving sessions.

Why is mentoring important?

Our Fellows are often the first person in their family to attend college and have no role models or guidance in their studies. Preparing for tough college entrance exams requires academic discipline, clear goal-setting and constant feedback. Without guidance, students may struggle to deal with the pressure they face during this time.

Why undergraduate mentors?

The curriculum and preparation needed for college entrance exams changes – often dramatically – from year to year. Our Mentors need to understand how to cope with these changes and guide our Fellows appropriately.

It is also important that Fellow and Mentor form a relationship of mutual trust. This is easiest with students who are close in age to our Fellows and can empathize with the academic and emotional challenges they face.

Watch a video made by some of our student volunteers: