Mihir Tari

I want to become a successful engineer someday, so that I can become a strong support for my family
Mihir’s Story

Mihir lost his father at a very young age when he was just five years old. His family currently lives with his grandfather and survive on pension, with no earning member in family. His grandfather, who is a retired mechanical engineer from ONGC, is his source of inspiration. Mihir wants to work in the field of computers, to become a successful software engineer. He is a bright student, who had scored 87% in his standard Xth board exams, and 90% in science. He is in currently studying in standard XIth, and has been an Avanti Fellow since April, 2011.

His mentor, Rahul Kumar Yaduka, says:

“Mihir is an intelligent child, and his dedication and hard work is what makes me believe in him. But he is an introvert by nature. My challenge is not only to get him out of his shell, but to shape him into a confident and independent individual, ready to combat the world.
I have tried to support him in the best way that I can, and I believe he has found a much needed friend in me. He has a new lease of life, and now he truly believes that he is capable of making his dreams come true.”