Jaypal Shinde

As the times are changing, we realise that the whole world is revolving around money, and no one cares for human values. When I grow up, I’m going to change the thoughts of people. I dream of the time when virtue, not money, rules the world
Jaypal’s Story

Jaypal is a diligent student, who knows that there is no short cut to success. It is the result of preparation and hard work. It comes as no surprise that he scored 97% and 99% in SSC Mathematics and Science respectively. He comes from a very humble background, his father works as a temporary worker. He has done his schooling in marathi medium, and has won several Marathi debating and elocution competitions.

How we selected him

Jaypal missed our cutoff in the selection test by a mere 2 marks, but his perseverance and his umpteen calls to Krishna compelled us to interview him.
In the home interview conducted, we concluded that he surely deserves coaching and mentoring, so that we can hone his skills and help him achieve greater heights. We waited for his SSC marks to convince us that he should be made an Avanti Fellow. With a staggering 95%, all doubts were laid to rest. He has been our fellow since April, 2011.

His mentor, Jayant Patil, says:

“He adapted to the change in style from SSC examinations very soon. I was very happy to see changes in his approach, within just a few weeks. I realised that not knowing English was proving to be a barrier in his learning process. Avanti enrolled him in an English speaking class and it has helped him a lot. He was already a smart kid, and now is gaining even more confidence. I am proud of where he has come so far, and am very hopeful for his future.”