Our Fellows

Our Fellows are bright students coming from very challenging backgrounds. Each of our Fellows come from a family with an annual income of less than Rs. 2.5 lakh per year. Most of them have to constantly struggle against limited financial means, a non-supportive environment, low awareness, and low levels of confidence. Our Mentors play a crucial part in addressing these problems by building on their own experiences and helping our Fellows achieve their full potential, thus transforming them into role models for future generations.

In our Fellow profile section on the left, we have made an effort to let you know our Fellows better. If you are interested in sponsoring a Fellow’s education, you can find more information here.

Avanti has witnessed steady progress over the past two years. Presently, we have 232 low income high school students (98 Std XII, 134 Std XI) in the Avanti Fellowship Program. They receive support from over 250 student volunteers across 10 college campuses (5 IITs, VJTI, KEM, DCE, MAMC, NSIT) across 7 cities (Bombay, Delhi, Kanpur, Roorkee, Dehradun, Pondicherry and Madras)

 They are preparing for engineering entrance exams and medical entrance exams Рas a medical chapter was most recently introduced in 2012, in association with students from Maulana Azad Medical College, New Delhi. 98 of our Fellows in std XII are continuing with our program and shall be appearing for their board exams and engineering entrance exams this April 2013 Рwish them luck!