Chennai Program

At Avanti, the main purpose of our program is to provide academic guidance and training to students from low economic backgrounds from IX and X standard. It is our aim to help them achieve their dreams of getting the students to get interested in math and science subjects and choose science streams for their future/college studies as a result of building their concepts at early stage. In the past years we worked with selected students of standard XI and XII and prepared them for getting admitted into the IITs and other prestigious institutions.  At the same time, we help our students in figuring out what they want to pursue in life, and making the most of the opportunities that come their way.

For our Chennai Program, we have partnered with fifteen CGHSS schools across Chennai and teach around 1500 students.

The pupils enrolled in the Avanti programs at Chennai are slightly weaker than their peers in our other programs, but they are hard-working and more prone to understanding the grade basics with our bridge curriculum modules in Tamil. Typically, most students come from families of low-income groups.