Bridge Curriculum

Avanti has started bridge curriculum, which aims to level the gap in literacy and numeracy for their Chennai program. These consist of a set of exhaustive, comprehensive workbook modules in Tamil that reduces the literacy gap in a child, step-by-step. These workbook modules have two sections, namely Mathematics and Language. The former is further divided into four sections – Geometry, Numbers and Operations, Algebraic and Operational Thinking and Measurement and Data.

Program Details

The program covered around 1500 students studying across 15 schools. Avanti Fellows with the help of part-timers are able to conduct these bridge curriculum activities to the needful students. These part-time employees help us to achieve an average of ten hours of intervention per week.

The students participated in Avanti classes after school hours (typically from 3:00 PM to 5:00 PM).

Outreach Activities

The facilitators actively conducted workshops to build rapport and build interests in Avanti classrooms among the various stakeholders involved in a school setting (students, teachers and parents in the community).


The process of Bridge Curriculum will be of four stages as follows . . .


Segregate the class students into different groups with maximum of four students in each group. Each group should create their own group name and slogan.



Projects will be designed in such a manner that each activity will have different learnings.

(Numeracy – Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division and Average; Literacy – Letter, Words, Sentence, Paragraph and Story; Life Skills – Creative and Critical Thinking, Problem Solving etc.)



Each group will be asked to present thier work. One project will move around one week time. In each group they will do the CAMAL Activity for a week and the day before the end they present thier project in-front of all the students.



After the completion of the project, the facilitator will give marks to each of the group and as well as the students will give marks for thier projects and others too. According to thier marking, facilitator will give gifts to the group who wins the task