Our Fellow Search – Joys & Furys – Part II

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Deepak Maun, our Program Manager in Kanpur recently had an amazing experience in the process of our search for students…

These days, I am in Kanpur. I am setting up the Learning Centre (LC) and helping the IITK team with home interviews. Today, I went to interview a girl who lives in a locality at quite a distance from our LC location. After having interacted with a prospective student (academic review) and the student’s parents, the IITK team ranks every student on 2 parameters –  a) Academics: A1-A5 (A5 being the best ranking) b) Financials: F1-F5 (F5 being financially most needy)

Along with this, the team gives multiple comments that give the interviewer a fair idea of the points to focus on. This girl was given A5-F5 rating. Her parents are illiterate and work as potters, making clay items and selling them, earning barely 2500-3000 per month. They are 4 brothers and sisters. During her interview at IITK, she had said that it would be tough to join because of distance if centre comes up at Rawatpur (the location we finalized). Since I knew she was A5-F5, I went for the interview with just 2 aims – a) check her motivation level and b) convince her (and more importantly her family) to come to LC despite the distance.

During the interview, I found out that she is in a very low grade school as her family could not afford better schools. She would need help with English as her school is Hindi Medium. Most of all, forget about approx. 900 Rs. / month for LC, she cannot afford even the 35-40 Rs. / day required for travelling to the LC. Having judged her motivation level and the financial condition of her family, I decided then and there to get her into a better school, recommend her for full fee waiver at Avanti and even give her extra money for daily travel.

I convinced her family about sending their daughter to LC and asked her brother to look for some better schools in the neighborhood and inform me. I was thinking of ways in which I could help her. The thing on top of my mind was asking my colleagues from Marico to provide some amount for her support. I was planning to write an e-mail. All this while I was returning to IITK campus, which is where I am staying.

Then something unbelievable happened.

I received a call from one of my friends, while I was walking towards hostel and we were discussing things in general. Then he mentioned that on his sons birthday, his wife has pledged to give Rs. 50,000 from their income to someone in need. He asked me if I knew someone who really needs that money.

I was amazed. I did a quick calculation and I guessed this would be sufficient to help this girl get into a better school (2yrs fees + uniform/books/stationary) plus her travel expenses for 2 yrs. I told him YES I KNOW A GIRL WHO NEEDS THIS MONEY.

I just need to convince his wife about this case but I guess I can do that. The remaining is logistics. This was a lovely moment for me. Somehow, things just fit in. Somehow, you find ways. Somehow, dots get connected. I am overwhelmed at the moment. Happy. More happy than I have ever been in life.

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3 Responses to “Our Fellow Search – Joys & Furys – Part II”

  1. really an amazing story..ur wish to help that girl fulfilled..
    wishes of pure and good soul are always fulfilled..glad to c good ppl like u Deepak..

    Priyanka Borkar
  2. Hmmm…Nice Work Chachu Jaan…Keep Goi’n!!!
    Gud Luck!!!

    Amit Kumar

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