Intern Speaks: A Summer to Remember

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Gangaprasad Koturwar has completed his second year of undergraduate studies in Computer Science at IIT Kanpur. He is a Dakshana Fellow, and truly believes in the cause Avanti is working for. He interned with Avanti over the summer for 6 weeks during which he taught 34 students in Kanpur and helped develop the content for selection and training of Avanti Fellows. The following are his thoughts about the same…

“It was really a great experience to be a part of Avanti Fellows. I really wanted to thank you for providing me with such an opportunity. My summer days as an Avanti intern have been really truly memorable and I will remember them always. There were some days of frustration due to lack of means of transportation in Kanpur but now when I look back, I feel it was totally worth it. The teaching and doubt-solving sessions at Kakadev were the best experience of all in the summer and it’s something I surely want to continue in the future. It was a little difficult to handle the fellows in the beginning but as the days went on the classes seemed easier and I started to get positive response from the students. And it’s really a great feeling to have someone call you soon after his test and say, “Bhaiyya apne jo padhaya uske test me class me third aaya hu main!” and “Bhaiyya ab physics thoda aasan lagne laga hai” and it makes you forget all your own troubles, and in my case especially my painful travels were made worthwhile.

The one -to-one interactions were also fun. The few fellows that I got to interact with made me go back to those days when I just started thinking about IIT and couldn’t answer whether the toughness of JEE or the quality of education here in IIT was the motivation behind preparing for JEE, and the fellows were also in the same dilemma. But it was great to know some of them had already planned ahead very well a great deal! It made me feel awed and ashamed at the same time, for not having thought ahead as much as them.

I found the work of content development very exciting. Sifting through the matter and generating oral test questions was challenging and fun. I hope my work will help you screen the correct fellows through the examinations that Avanti conducts.

The internal test was a little disappointing as fellows didn’t score as expected, but the good thing about the test was that the fellows were forced into some seriousness about their preparations, unknowingly though, but in time. I wish them great success in the future. I am quite sure that they will take this as an early warning bell to get on the board for the competitions ahead. I would be very delighted if I have the chance to help them in any way in the future.

Lastly, I hope you will not take this as a goodbye, but will allow me to volunteer for this cause in the future. Thanks for making me a part of this cause and for providing me with this wonderful summer. I wish Avanti Fellows all the very best!”

Gangaprasad Koturwar, Avanti Fellows is so glad that you had a good time working with us – the students loved having you around too! Your feedback makes us all feel worthwhile for the cause we’re working for and reaffirms our faith. We would love for you to continue to associate with us.

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