Chapters and NSS – with their powers combined!

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Our IIT Delhi and IIT Madras Chapters are partnered with NSS – which actively helps us get more volunteers. We are featured on the NSS website, and our volunteering opportunities are mentioned there. So anyone looking for a way to contribute to any social work, has more than one way of finding out about Avanti and the way in which one can get involved. And they can get NSS hours for it!

The word of our work spreads even better on campus, because we have the sanction of NSS – volunteered hours with Avanti Fellows count towards NSS requirements. Being featured on the NSS website, increases our online presence and gives us easier and broader access to students who are already motivated to volunteer their time. It has also helped us organize more events through collaborations with other organizations that are involved with NSS such SIFE, Eye/Blood donation camps etc. It has especially helped us collect a lot of JEE preparatory material and books from students, especially freshmen on campus.

All in all, partnering with NSS seems a must have for every campus and we look forward to a long and mutually beneficial relationship with NSS.


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