Enter the Freshmen – How Avanti’s reaching out

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As a new academic year begins – the Avanti Core Team’s (ACT) across all our chapters came up with various ways to spread the word about Avanti Fellows amongst the freshmen. Our IIT Kanpur and IIT Delhi chapters took part in the orientation session for the freshmen. Our IIT Bombay, IIT Madras and IIT Roorkee chapters have decided to wait out the orientation hoopla and reach out to freshmen personally through hostels and other media.

At IIT Kanpur, the orientation ceremony was held in the auditorium, and the ACT coordinated with the institute’s Counseling Service to set a centre stage for showcasing the work of Avanti Fellows. The ex and current ACT gave background information about the work we do at Avanti, and screened a video showcasing the work. Sign-up sheets were handed to the freshmen to find out how many to them would like to donate books right away and know more about Avanti at a later, more detailed session. We got an unbelievable amount of enthusiastic response from the freshmen, half of the freshmen undergraduate batch signed up to find out more and donate books! All the effort that went into planning the interactive session –the appeals, the volunteers evenly distributed across the whole convocation hall, videos et al really paid off. Kudos!

Thanks to IIT Delhi’s official association with NSS at IIT Delhi, Avanti put up a stall with banner and posters. The team members – team head, managers, mentors and volunteers enthusiastically took turns to manage the crowd and their questions on the stall, distributed information brochures to the freshmen and encouraged them to donate books.

At IIT Bombay, the ACT has decided to reach out to the freshmen more personally through hostels once the orientation hoopla is over – by distributing brochures to rooms, putting up posters all over campus and sending e-mails on the general mailing list. They are especially encouraging freshmen to donate books and volunteer for fellow searches.

At IIT Madras, posters (IPs!), smail and the institute newsletter are being used spread awareness and invite applications. We’re collaborating with the on-campus counseling service, Mitr to spread the word as well. A night roll call is conducted by Mitr counselors for  freshmen in all hostels where they inform them of different on campus activities – through small talks and presentations – and our collaboration has ensured that they tell the freshmen about Avanti.

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