Dream chasers at Avanti’s Learning Centers

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Grace Devadoss who has recently joined as Avanti’s Center Manager in the Chennai Corporation Schools program writes about her experiences thus far.

I couldn’t be more excited – walking into my first job, meeting new people, a whole new world in front of me! Avanti Fellows is my first step of adventure into the world of the social development. My month long stay at Avanti has given me not only simple happiness but also a meaning and zest for life – I wouldn’t be exaggerating if I said that I see my role with Avanti as something much more than just a job!

Children at the threshold of finishing school and looking to excel in their studies but lacking financial means have indeed found a new haven at Avanti’s Learning Centres. Avanti’s quest to provide a platform and firm foundation to these children to excel is truly giving them both the faith and means to realize their dreams.

Prerecorded video class session

The Learning Center at Saidapet, Chennai where I currently focus, is indeed unique in its approach to imparting education. The children are presented with prerecorded classes delivered by some of the city’s best teachers who are working alongside Avanti at the Learning Center at Nungambakkam, Chennai. Thanks to advancements in technology, we are indeed reaching out to the masses! One might become too judgmental and wonder as to how effective these prerecorded classes would be in comparison to the live ones; but we are by and by establishing its effectiveness. The children stand witness to it, a fellow who recently joined says, “On seeing my friends showing sudden keen interest in studies after joining this program, I got enthused and got myself enrolled”

Doubt-solving session with Mentors

The launch of the program saw many doubts thrown in the air by educationists (teachers) of the schools. One such that resounded was “Who will clear their doubts?” The volunteer mentors from CEG, Anna University came to the rescue! The weeks gone by have always seen children eagerly waiting for their “Akka’s” & “Anna’s” not just to clarify their doubts but also to feel a sense of continued motivation and moral support.

The energy level of these children is simply overwhelming and hasn’t died down ever since their classes commenced. Their bond with me has grown immensely and they consider me as part of their family. Ever since they stepped into the center they see it as a space for freedom not just to learn but to work as a group. They find this learning center offers them high levels of motivation and is very different from their usual classes at school or the tuition centers.

I am more than sure that this venture will give these children the edge they need to walk shoulder by shoulder with their more privileged peers and enable them to scale new heights; live their dream of attaining a quality higher education.

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2 Responses to “Dream chasers at Avanti’s Learning Centers”

  1. Hi Grace, I am a final year student of Civil engineering in VJTI and Avanti fellows is coming to our college for placements tomorrow, so I thought I’d check out this website. And after going through it I must say I really hope that I get the job! 🙂

    Shweta Wagaralkar
  2. Hey Grace, Danny here from MCC. I was always praying that i should be doing something back to my fellow juniors , and i am excited about the offer forwarded by you , The article looks very original and straight from the heart. My best wishes to you. Hope to join you @ avanti

    Daniel Sundar Raj

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