Week 1: My thoughts

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Digvijay Singh Sujlana, Delhi, 17 May 2011

A few scores, if not a thousand, thoughts led a multi pronged attack to shake the very basis of my decision to join a NOT for profit organization. I lay in contradiction with the society’s image of an Engineer cum MBA. Even whilst using the ever growing “dowry calculator” application on the much acclaimed academy award winning social networking platform I wondered what was more foolish, me actually using this preposterous application or me taking a career changing decision.

Having a risk appetite is good is what I was mostly taught in two years of my management studies. Surprisingly it was left to us to figure out the amount of risk one could digest. Quantification and deliberation of risk in decision making was never a case study so how I asked myself does one figure it out.

With all this in my mind I walked to meet my colleagues on day 1. The menacing Delhi heat had enhanced their craving for a South Indian meal. Fending off the continuous wave of attacks and not the Delhi heat had made me sweat like never before. As I entered the joint where my colleagues awaited I saw a raised hand, it was my CEO. He introduced me to our other brother in arm and we got talking. First there was a talk on how we had slightly messed up some operation and then the request to me to drive back home to get into a trouser and shirt. Slightly embarrassed but I was more excited that I get to meet the head of department of a leader in print media on my very first day at work. Coincidently my late grandfather happens to be the first editor of the very same newspaper. Fate may after all have its part in life.

Day 2 and the rest of the week sped past by with a couple of more meetings and my colleague explaining to me what was expected out of the role I had been given. Continuous inputs by our President were like reinforcements coming in at the most strategic times.

In the end I had successfully fended off what I initially felt was one of the most well planned attacks. Now the journey towards mission so very possible begins.

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  1. Congratulations on taking the plunge! 🙂

  2. Great going! All the best! Keep us posted..


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