The Initial Step

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The Avanti IIT Kanpur chapter was set in motion in mid-January, 2011 with only a 12-strong team of volunteers, led by two Directors. The task at hand was to cherry pick ~20 high-school students from Kanpur city through a rigorous selection process to grant them the Avanti Fellowship.

The team managed to reach out to about 50 schools, creating a buzz about the Fellowship and mobilizing students to appear for the entrance exam. This was followed by a series of Level-1 tests being conducted at individual schools as well as a central test conducted at IITK. The level-1 stage witnessed some 700 odd students writing the test, their backgrounds ranging from parents being poor farmers, auto-drivers and carpenters to being an onerous third girl-child of a broke father.

The Level-1 exam objectively funneled in ~120 students for the next level of screening which was to be subjective and was designed to choose only the conceptually sound minds. The top 35 from Level-2 were interviewed at their homes with their families to finally get 16 students on board as Avanti Fellows. These fellows have been enrolled in partner coaching institutes for competitive engineering exams preparation and are undergoing a full-fledged mentorship program by IITK students. The mentors are playing an important role in measuring key metrics and acting as sounding boards through the student’s transition from high school to an engineering college.

Avanti Core Team at IIT Kanpur is on a constant lookout for people with a unique combination of skills and motivation. Socially inclined students who want to create sustainable impact in the community and who have the penchant for driving projects and the passion to push boundaries and aspire to touch lives. The grassroots level learning from the whole experience is enormous. It gives you a first-hand experience of how an ambitious start-up organization operates. You get to build a huge network of likeminded people. It almost serves as your first flavor of entrepreneurial dynamics!

If you are interested in being a part of Avanti team at IITK, drop in a mail at and we’ll let you know if any opportunities exist.

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