Dehradun Updates – Working Hard Together with the Fellows

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Aayush Garg, Roorkee, 4 November 2011

The clock ticked 1 marking the end of my morning session classes. I rushed to the hostel, grabbed my belongings, gulped down the rice and dal in the mess never once complaining of its taste. My mind was in a rush, I had to meet with the others at the earliest, hoping that I wouldn’t be the slowpoke. Ten minutes later all 5 mentors and Ankit were on the bus to Dehradun.

The driver’s tortoise-like over-cautious driving took a toll on our patience; everyone around us was doing their best to delay us. We finally reached JRS Tutorials at 4 o’clock. The sight of all the fellows eagerly waiting for us boosted our energy and now it was time to work.

This was the first time we were organizing a doubts session for our fellows. Through the session, our aim was to delve deeper into each student’s problem solving strategy and current academic proficiency. Poddar, one of the mentors got so happily engrossed in teaching them that he taught them an entire chapter, and looked every bit an enthusiastic Physics professor. All our fellows are bright and motivated students working diligently, yet some of them have issues coping with the stress. We realized that some of them could do much with a little guidance on the right way to approach questions and the correct problem solving strategy, and who can do this better than us students who have gone through the same phase not long ago. Each of us teamed up with three fellows, and gave them guidance by building upon our own struggle. It was a good experience, and a time for reflection.

One of the fellows Nishant seemed to have a zeal to explore beyond the JEE syllabus, he raised questions regarding particle physics and singularity, which were effectively answered.

As the time approached 8, Ankit and Mukul gave the fellows an invigorating pep talk on the importance of the present, “The hard work you put in today is going to lead you down a beautiful path, leading to a happy tomorrow. It is going to be a life changing experience.” I believe that it is necessary for the fellows to listen to this from us because they look up to us. We can help change their perceptions about the struggle for higher studies, and imbibe into them a spirit of never-say-die attitude so that they are self-driven, because in the end it is not a rat race. Success or failure is caused more by mental attitude than by mental capacities. And I really wish for these deserving kids to get the right message, never give up, and work hard to change their life for the better. I’m sure that they went home with a new zeal and fire in their hearts, ready to take up any challenge.

In the nearby dhaba, we discussed the day’s events over hot aloo paranthas and tea. It was an immensely satisfying experience, and we wished the day would never end. But it was late evening and we boarded the next bus to Roorkee, already looking forward to coming back here again soon.

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